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This project came about from a love of history and wanting to make sure history is preserved for years to come. 

I've been acquiring racing programs in my own personal collection for several years. It struck me one day that these documents, in their physical state, do no one else but myself any good sitting in my house. So I acquired a specialized scanner and set to work digitizing my collection.

Vintage Racing Event Programs give us a unique look back into how a particular track or series "looked" on the day or year in question. Be it seeing names like Foyt, Unser, or Andretti in print in a USAC program from the early 70's, or seeing names like Kinser, Wolfgang, and Doty in the World of Outlaws programs of the 80's, I hope this archive will be a source of enjoyment, and education, for years to come.

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Ross Wece.



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